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Our clients who yearn for a stunning outdoor area can make their dream come true with our custom landscape designs. Whether they want to handle the installation themselves or have us take care of it, we are here to help them create an extraordinary space that truly reflects their creativity and style.


Enhance the beauty of your home with high-quality landscape designs and value services. Create peaceful serenity inside custom pondless waterfalls, streams, fountains, and lush water gardens. Get creative by designing unique plantings with perennials, shrubs or specimen trees to make it even more inviting! Enjoy a low maintenance xeriscape garden that conserves energy through efficient drip & spray irrigation systems for both patios/courtyards as well as walks/paths; complete any outdoor space by including decks with fireplaces or pergolas, an invigorating pool area complimented perfectly by soothing spas.

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For our more ambitious clientele, we provide beautiful custom landscape designs that can be installed partially or totally by the client, depending on their wants and needs.  Some of our clients prefer that we do the "heavy lifting" providing: (rough grade and shaping of the lot, retaining walls, patios, decks, water features etc.) allowing them to focus on the things they would enjoy doing (planting, mulching etc.)  Other clients are interested in a design they can install themselves but want direction on construction techniques to avoid common do-it yourself mistakes, or they may want help with project phasing or project management.  Whatever your desire of involvement in the installation process, we have design packages that will save you money and give you the know how and ability to "do it like the pros." 


"With the decision to stay in our current home and turn it into our dream home there were two things that had to happen:  An addition and a total make-over of our yard.  Our yard leaves EVERYTHING to be desired!  At first we were hesitant to hire a landscape designer.  Was that really a necessary expenditure?  We had studied a lot of pictures and had a good idea of what we wanted.  Weren't our ideas good enough?  We met Lance in the spring of 2010.  Immediately we knew that if we were going to hire a landscape designer it was going to be him.  His offer was so sweet we couldn't pass it up.  When Lance came back with the plans we were floored!  Talk about living up to your business name!!  Not only had he brought all of his ideas, experience, and expertise to the table, he had taken all of our ideas and made them 100 times better!  For the first time in...well, ever... I'm excited to do yard work!” - Paige Norton, Herriman

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  • Consultations

  • Site Analysis

  • Master Plans

  • Hardscape Plans

  • Planting Plans

  • Cost Estimating

  • Project Management/Phasing

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